The No. 12 team that competes in the Vintage Class at Southern Raceway has been penalized as a result of a rules violation committed during the last Lap of the Feature Event on June 21, 2014. Christopher Bayhi, Driver of The No. 12 car, has been deemed to have acted in an unsafe manner which put another Driver and some spectators in harms way.

Section 1 of the 2014 Official Southern Raceway General Rules as published address this

    1. All decisions, judgment calls or interpretations of rules by track officials will be final. ALL decisions from tech are final. Competitors in track events, by entering said events, agree to abide by all official decisions. Every effort will be made to ensure that safety and fairness is extended to all participants and management reserves the right to amend any rules or regulations that would promote a better quality program or safer program.

As a result of this ruling, Christopher Bayhi, is suspended from entering any events, in any class, until December 31, 2014.

In accordance with an agreement reached earlier this year These Penalties will be enforced at the 3 Area Tracks, Southern Raceway, Flomaton Speedway, NWFL Speedway.

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